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Example 96 with DateFormat

use of java.text.DateFormat in project j2objc by google.

the class NativeDecimalFormatTest method testZeroHour.

// Verify formatting a date with a format string with zeros.
public void testZeroHour() throws Exception {
    DateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm:ss");
    String timeString = "00:00:23";
    // Issue found a ParseException was thrown here.
    Date date = sdf.parse(timeString);
    // Only check seconds, as hour and date changes depending on timezone.
Also used : SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat) DateFormat(java.text.DateFormat) SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat) Date(java.util.Date)

Example 97 with DateFormat

use of java.text.DateFormat in project jimfs by google.

the class PathURLConnection method connect.

public void connect() throws IOException {
    if (stream != null) {
    Path path = Paths.get(toUri(url));
    long length;
    if (Files.isDirectory(path)) {
        // Match File URL behavior for directories by having the stream contain the filenames in
        // the directory separated by newlines.
        StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
        try (DirectoryStream<Path> files = Files.newDirectoryStream(path)) {
            for (Path file : files) {
        byte[] bytes = builder.toString().getBytes(UTF_8);
        stream = new ByteArrayInputStream(bytes);
        length = bytes.length;
    } else {
        stream = Files.newInputStream(path);
        length = Files.size(path);
    FileTime lastModified = Files.getLastModifiedTime(path);
    String contentType = MoreObjects.firstNonNull(Files.probeContentType(path), DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE);
    ImmutableListMultimap.Builder<String, String> builder = ImmutableListMultimap.builder();
    builder.put("content-length", "" + length);
    builder.put("content-type", contentType);
    if (lastModified != null) {
        DateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat(HTTP_DATE_FORMAT, Locale.US);
        builder.put("last-modified", format.format(new Date(lastModified.toMillis())));
    headers =;
Also used : Path(java.nio.file.Path) FileTime(java.nio.file.attribute.FileTime) Date(java.util.Date) ByteArrayInputStream( SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat) DateFormat(java.text.DateFormat) ImmutableListMultimap( SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat)

Example 98 with DateFormat

use of java.text.DateFormat in project iosched by google.

the class TimeUtils method formatShortTime.

public static String formatShortTime(Context context, Date time) {
    // Android DateFormatter will honor the user's current settings.
    DateFormat format = android.text.format.DateFormat.getTimeFormat(context);
    // Override with Timezone based on settings since users can override their phone's timezone
    // with Pacific time zones.
    TimeZone tz = SettingsUtils.getDisplayTimeZone(context);
    if (tz != null) {
    return format.format(time);
Also used : TimeZone(java.util.TimeZone) SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat) DateFormat(java.text.DateFormat)

Example 99 with DateFormat

use of java.text.DateFormat in project iosched by google.

the class UIUtils method formatSessionSubtitle.

     * Format and return the given session time and {@link Rooms} values using {@link
public static String formatSessionSubtitle(long intervalStart, long intervalEnd, String roomName, StringBuilder recycle, Context context, boolean shortFormat) {
    // Determine if the session is in the past
    long currentTimeMillis = TimeUtils.getCurrentTime(context);
    boolean conferenceEnded = currentTimeMillis > Config.CONFERENCE_END_MILLIS;
    boolean sessionEnded = currentTimeMillis > intervalEnd;
    if (sessionEnded && !conferenceEnded) {
        return context.getString(R.string.session_finished);
    if (roomName == null) {
        roomName = context.getString(R.string.unknown_room);
    if (shortFormat) {
        TimeZone timeZone = SettingsUtils.getDisplayTimeZone(context);
        Date intervalStartDate = new Date(intervalStart);
        SimpleDateFormat shortDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("MMM dd");
        DateFormat shortTimeFormat = DateFormat.getTimeInstance(DateFormat.SHORT);
        return shortDateFormat.format(intervalStartDate) + " " + shortTimeFormat.format(intervalStartDate);
    } else {
        String timeInterval = formatIntervalTimeString(intervalStart, intervalEnd, recycle, context);
        return context.getString(R.string.session_subtitle, timeInterval, roomName);
Also used : TimeZone(java.util.TimeZone) DateFormat(java.text.DateFormat) SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat) SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat) Date(java.util.Date)

Example 100 with DateFormat

use of java.text.DateFormat in project j2objc by google.

the class DateFormatTest method test_getNumberFormat.

	 * @tests java.text.DateFormat#getNumberFormat()
public void test_getNumberFormat() {
    DateFormat format = DateFormat.getInstance();
    NumberFormat nf1 = format.getNumberFormat();
    NumberFormat nf2 = format.getNumberFormat();
    assertTrue("NumberFormats not identical", nf1 == nf2);
Also used : SimpleDateFormat(java.text.SimpleDateFormat) DateFormat(java.text.DateFormat) NumberFormat(java.text.NumberFormat)


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