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Example 1 with ICascadingJob

use of org.hudsonci.api.model.ICascadingJob in project hudson-2.x by hudson.

the class CascadingUtil method unlinkProjectFromCascadingParents.

     * Recursively unlink specified project from cascading hierarchy.
     * @param cascadingProject cascading project to start from.
     * @param projectToUnlink project that should be unlinked.
     * @return true if project was unlinked, false - if cascadingProject or projectToUnlink is Null
     * @throws if cascading project couldn't be saved.
public static boolean unlinkProjectFromCascadingParents(ICascadingJob cascadingProject, String projectToUnlink) throws IOException {
    if (null != cascadingProject && null != projectToUnlink) {
        Job job = Functions.getItemByName(Hudson.getInstance().getAllItems(Job.class), projectToUnlink);
        if (null != job) {
            Set<String> set = new HashSet<String>(job.getCascadingChildrenNames());
            return unlinkProjectFromCascadingParents(cascadingProject, set);
    return false;
Also used : ICascadingJob(org.hudsonci.api.model.ICascadingJob) Job(hudson.model.Job) HashSet(java.util.HashSet)


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